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Mar 26

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farms

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm assists in helping South Africa shift towards clean energy production.
Arising from the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), the wind farm supplies Eskom with 460 000 MWh per year.

Located between Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape, the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm site spans 3700 hectares. The site’s optimal wind conditions, relatively flat topography, minimal environmental constraints and its close proximity to the 132kV Eskom grid line, make it an ideal wind energy resource.

Arising from the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Eskom as well as an Implementation Agreement with the Department of Energy.

The project reached Commercial Operations Date mid-2014, having started construction in December 2012. The wind farm supplies 460 000 MWh per year, enough clean, renewable electrical energy to meet the needs of 100 000 average South African households. The project effectively reduces annual carbon emissions by 420 000 tonnes and lifetime carbon emissions by 8 400 000.

Wind energy is one of the oldest forms of renewable energy generation. Since 2000 BC, windmills were used to pump water and grind grain in China and Persia. Ancient mariners used wind to sail and explore the world.

Ironically, the primary source of wind energy is actually the sun. The sun warms earth but because of our planet’s surface irregularities and the fact that our planet rotates, the sun does not warm the earth evenly. The difference in temperatures that this creates causes irregularities in air pressure and air molecules move from a high air pressure system to a low air pressure system, hereby creating wind.

The speed, intensity, direction and duration of wind are determined by a number of factors such as vegetation, surface water and topography.

Wind turbines are erected in areas that have the right conditions to harness prevailing winds. The winds move the large blades of the wind turbines and the process of converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy begins.

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