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Jun 10

Covid-19 and Real Estate, what are the rules?

With sanitiser, social distancing and face-masks becoming the new normal in our society, we are all looking for ways to carry on with our daily lives, while still doing our best to keep safe, and do things responsibly. With the move from lockdown level 4 to level 3, the Real Estate sector is once again able to open up and help you find your perfect property.

We have spent time training our agents to make sure they comply with all the rules and regulations stipulated by Government, while making sure everybody is safe. Below we have listed in detail the procedures that are required to enable us to show you a property or a rental, please take some time to read through or contact us if you need any clarification.

  1. All our AÏDA Agents, Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants are required by law to complete a risk assessment document by their AÏDA Agent (Link to be sent to all clients via Whatsapp / SMS).
  2. All our AÏDA Agents and Clients are required to wear the mandatory cloth mask at all times
  3. Your AÏDA Agent will provide hand sanitiser to be applied before any essential form of socially distanced interaction takes place.
  4. Your AÏDA Agent strongly recommends that all occupants of the property exit the property and wait outside, if possible, whilst the viewing is being conducted by your AÏDA Agent.
  5. Buyers and Tenants will not be permitted to touch any surfaces during the viewing. Should a Buyer wish to do so, your AÏDA Agent will request the Seller’s permission and facilitate on the Buyer’s behalf. Before and after touching any surface, your AÏDA Agent will sanitise the relevant surface.
  6. An electronically signed OTP is not accepted by the Deeds Office. An offer signed on two separate identical documents by the Buyer and Seller however is valid. A lease agreement and mandates are valid if electronically signed.
  7. When a Buyer makes an offer to purchase or lease a property, your AÏDA Agent will facilitate by obtaining the offer from the Buyer/Tenant and presenting it to the Seller/Landlord for acceptance. Your AÏDA Agent will ensure Social Distancing and all other relevant safety requirements are met at all times. Necessary negotiations between the parties are to be conducted remotely via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, as convenient. All physically socially distanced interactions will be strictly limited to the absolutely essential.

Stay safe, and we look forward to helping you find your dream property!

Gerhard Veldman

About The Author

Gerhard is Managing Director of AIDA Coastal Karoo, based in George, servicing the geographical areas from George to Port Elizabeth, the Klein Karoo as well the eastern part of the Greater Karoo. With a wealth of real estate experience over of period of 35 years, Gerhard's interest is in the development of professional real estate practitioners.